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Dessert Set - All Included To Serve Your Guests
Dessert Set - All Included To Serve Your Guests
Dessert Set - All Included To Serve Your Guests
Dessert Set - All Included To Serve Your Guests

Dessert Set - All Included To Serve Your Guests

£ 9.90 GBP

Life Story brings you innovative storage solutions to keep your home in order and convenient solutions to go out without any difficulties. 

Today's kitchen is a modern design showcase, where storage containers play an increasingly central role. With the onset of microwave-ready meals, nobody needs to cook these days, and cooking has become a hobby glamorized by celebrity chefs. However, at the same time, the kitchen is the pulsating center of the modern home. Life Story offers you to upgrade your kitchen with our innovative and eye-catching kitchenware.

All our products are able to go outside with you where you want. They were created with the objective to support you and your food outside. 

  • Save Time- Whole Set Included: This Dessert Set includes a bowl, a lid, a spatula. Perfect Dessert Set to prepare your chocolate mousse and take it with you at your picnic.
  • Easy & Convenient Storage: Space-saving designed, this Dessert Set fits into one another and will save you space in the kitchen.
  • Save Time & Money From Today: This High-Quality Plastic Dessert Set is reusable and will easily withstand the freezer, microwave & dishwasher (top rack).
  • 100% Food Safe: This Dessert Set is BPA-FREE to make sure you get healthy meals.
  • Highest-quality Components: This Dessert Set is made in France, so you get a really high-quality product when you purchase it.

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