Our Story

Life Story brings you innovative storage solutions to keep your home in order. All of our products are created by a talented in-house design team, and thanks to the innovative technology of plastic injection molding, our collections introduce quality, color, and stylish storage ideas to everyday life. Many of our designs have been patented, and all our products are manufactured under the strictest quality control and meet rigorous safety standards.

From day one we focused on smart organization solutions, helpful friendly service, and a customer-centric approach. To streamline our supply chain we built manufacturing and logistics facilities in Savannah, Georgia, USA, as well as in Israel – close to key European regions. Our geographical proximity to so many centers around the world allows us to readily service a growing clientele of retail stores, supermarket chains, department stores and discount stores.

Standards and cares
All our products are clearly marked with quality and safety standards. From freezer containers to microwave heating utensils; our plastic products help keep food safe by meeting strict standards of care. Since storage solutions are so integral to our lives, we make a point of providing reliable information on product safety and how best to use each item. Some of our products even contain biodegradable material.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction is total - we'll stake our reputation on it!

Microwave Safe

Life story micro-ware is specially designed to withstand microwave temperatures. All of our items have been tested and evaluated for this purpose. Our microwave-safe products feature a trademarked label to authorize their microwave use.

Food Safe

All Life story products are safe for storing food. Our lids shut tightly to help keep food items fresh and dry. All our containers are safe for the fridge and freezer and our microwave cooking containers feature a safety standard stamp.

Biodegradable plastic

Our manufacturing group has recently invested in the production of 100% biodegradable plastic for its new range of Eco-chic bags.

About Bram Industries

Life Story France branched out of the Bram group – a leading global plastic manufacturer with over three decades of industry experience.


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