Cheap, Fun Things to Do On Weekends With Your Kids

Ever have a conversation with your family that goes like this?

"What do you want to do this weekend kids?"


"Let's do something fun! What do you say?"

*Shoulder shrug and sigh*

"There's nothing to ever do around here."

We all have conversations like that every few days with our loved ones, but not anymore!

Here's a list to help you go out with your family and spend some quality time without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Go to the Park

Take your family to your favorite park and just spend some real quality time together!
You can all leave your smartphones at home and focus on just being with each other!
Check out our great collection of picnic and outdoor products:

2. Watch the Sunset Together

You will be surprised how fun it is to take the entire family to watch the sunset together.
This is a great time to relax after a long week and have the best and most meaningful talks with your family!
We recommend that you check out our special corky cup, Our customers love to take this great cup with them when they are going to watch the sunset:
It will keep your drink hot for a long time!


4. Play Board Games And Card Games 

Bring out the old favorite games like monopoly, Or even better... Invent your own family's card game!
This is a great way to spend a family Sunday together, Especially when there is a cold weather.

6. Take a Hike In Nature

Just get some fruits and snacks for the kids and take a long hike nearby.
It is a great way to experience nature and talk about the simple things in life.

7. Have a Selfie Day!

Make it a selfie day!
Go to all the cool places around your home and take funny selfies with your kids!
This is a great way to spend a fun afternoon together!

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