What is a Prêt a Paquet?

Jun 14, 2018 6 comments
What is a Prêt a Paquet?

If you are looking for better and more feasible on the go lunch storage options and have no idea where to even begin such a journey, then you may want to take a closer look at a Prêt a Paquet.

Consider Convenience

When you spend time making your lunch for the following day, you want to be sure you are offering yourself a good meal that is also conveniently packaged and easy to eat because let’s face it; our breaks seem to be getting shorter and shorter these days.

Prêt a Paquet food containers are sensible and convenient solutions to your every day on the go lunch problems. They are easy to pack and easy to wash which keeps your time for maintenance relatively low.

They are also decently sized containers, so you can fit your entire meal into one container instead of having to tote several different and possibly mismatched containers around with you.

Stylish Design

Prêt a Paquet containers come in several different stylish designs and colors including a very cute pink chevron striped print or a more muted blue and black design. The containers themselves are standard, but the style comes from the insulated sleeve that covers the container.

Insulation Features

The neoprene sleeve offers a lot in the way of insulation for your food. The neoprene sleeve zips closed very nicely and fits nice and tight over the container so that your food will stay either hot or cold.

Perfectly Sized

These containers are also sized perfectly and can find a good amount of food for lunch. If you prefer to take salads for your lunch, some even have a built-in dressing container, so you can keep your greens crisp and fresh and not worry about finding a small container for your dressing. A small container that you may even lose during transport.

In the Prêt a Paquet containers, the dressing cup is secured right into the top of the container’s lid and holds the right amount of dressing for any salad. Simply pop it out when you are ready for lunch and then stick it right back into the lid when finished.

The salad containers also come with the insulated neoprene sleeve so that your food stays at the right temperature for as long as you need it to.

Other Container Types

Aside from the salad container with the convenient built-in dressing cup, you can also find a sandwich to go kit that can hold more than just a sandwich. For a more balanced and nutritious lunch, this kit can hold your sandwich along with a few other snacks so that everything can stay together, and the amount of lunch items you have to carry with you is less.

Some containers even have separate compartments. This is a great feature to have when you are making lunch for a child, for example. They can have their sandwich or wrap in one compartment, fruit and yogurt in the other, and a nice crisp vegetable in the third. With the separate compartments, none of the food will touch, and it will provide a mess-free and balanced lunch.

If you want to eat up the spaghetti leftovers from dinner the previous night, these containers are also great for that because you can have a good amount of spaghetti, a slice of garlic bread, and some vegetables all nicely packed away.

The neoprene sleeve will keep the spaghetti nice and warm, and the lids snap shut tight to provide a leakproof and mess-free seal, so you will not have to deal with any spills or leaks that you will have to waste your break time cleaning up.

An assortment of Shapes and Sizes

The Prêt a Paquet containers come in other various shapes and sizes to accommodate anything you may need whether for yourself or a child. With a wide selection of stylish sleeves to pick from, you can also find the perfect match for each member of the family.

Say Yes to the Container

In addition to all of these notable features, these containers are also freezer and microwave safe. However, you should also note that since these containers are so stylish and convenient, you may want to keep them away from those that may be tempted to steal your newly acquired and uniquely styled lunch kit.

From creating a very well-balanced lunch for your child complete with food that can stay warm or veggies that can stay crisp, or a nice lunch for yourself to help get you through a long day at work, the Prêt a Paquet containers are the ultimate lunchtime accessory that offers much in the way of style, convenience, portability, and function.

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