Stylish Laundry Baskets

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Stylish Laundry Baskets

Clothing is something that all of us need in varying degrees. People that live in colder, more northerly parts of the country and world will obviously need a lot of thick and heavy clothing. But even people in warmer climates will still need to wear lighter clothing, but now with the added potential of flamboyant designs, and a variety of different textures for materials.

However, regardless of whether you live in a warm climate, cold climate, or somewhere in between, there’s one thing you can’t avoid. Your clothes are going to get dirty. And it’s important that you get your clothes in a laundry machine and wash them on a regular basis. Not only does make your clothes smell fresh, and feel smooth again, it’s for good health reasons as well! Dirty clothing can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, and you can make yourself—and others—sick if you ignore the contagions that may be building up in your clothes.

You’re going to need some kind of storage solution to handle your dirty clothes when you’re not wearing them, but also waiting to take them for a wash. A stylish laundry basket may be just the thing you need. But laundry baskets give you a lot more options these days, so don’t just settle for anything you can find! Here’s why.

Better Quality

You could go for the cheapest plastic laundry basket you can find, but there’s one problem with making this choice; you get what you pay for. Cheaper laundry baskets are lower in quality, and this can mean that your new laundry basket is unlikely to be your last. It may, in fact, be the first of many. Cheap, plastic laundry baskets are often flexible, flimsy and not very aesthetically attractive. The handles may, especially after heavy loads, begin to strain and break, thus negating the basic function of a laundry basket; making your laundry easy to carry.

Higher quality laundry baskets mean, of course, the exact opposite. When you pay for quality construction, you get something that’s built to last. However, you don’t sacrifice that flexibility and impact resistance that plastic is best known for. So you can still drop a high-quality plastic laundry basket without worrying about damaging it.

More Style

When you decide to spend on a stylish laundry basket, you get something more… stylish! The cheapest laundry baskets will come in a single color, and look pretty unremarkable. Premium laundry baskets, however, can look not just attractive, but they can actually complement the look of a home.

If you’re in a situation where you’re carrying your laundry to another location outside your residence, such as a common laundry room in some apartment buildings and condos, you’re in luck. A distinctive, quality laundry basket is going to be much easier to find and distinguish compared to the generic baskets that others may use. If you value your individuality, then a laundry basket that stands out is just one more way you’re asserting this!

Better Health

One of the reasons that bacteria can germinate and grow in dirty laundry is because of moisture. If your clothes are wet, either due to rain, or sweat from working out, that moisture provides a very nurturing environment for bacteria to flourish in. With some of the older laundry hampers and baskets, this could lead to problems with health as the germs actually prospered.

Quality, stylish laundry baskets, however, are vented. This means that air can flow into them, and, more importantly, moisture can spread out, drying out the clothes. Without the damp environment, it’s much more difficult for mold and other possible contaminants to gain a foothold. This creates a safer, healthier environment for everyone.

Less Odor

Clothes that can dry out through strategically placed venting also benefit from someone that everyone appreciates; less powerful smell. Moist clothes, partially also due to mold or microbial build up, can also create strong odors that can spread throughout a space. This is something that you might be able to get used to in time, but visitors to your home will immediately notice.

Dry dirty laundry is not as strong. Of course, no dirty laundry ever smells fresh, but with no build up of bacterial or mold colonies in the clothing, there is no active spreading of those smells throughout the home. That just makes things a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Investing in a premium laundry basket gives you something you can rely on for years. It will look great, help to prevent bacterial build up, and even stand out from the crowd with a range of different designs and colors to make it feel more truly like your own. Enjoy the quality and increased health benefits that come from owning a stylish laundry basket and do your laundry the easier way.

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