Reusable Coffee Cups and the Environment - Leave a Smaller Footprint

Reusable Coffee Cups and the Environment

Have you ever stopped to consider just how wasteful it can be to throw away coffee cups, water bottles, and other cups? Did you know that it could take an estimated twenty to thirty years for a single coffee cup to begin to decompose?

Disposable coffee cups are leaving a detrimental and lasting imprint on the environment. We are going to take a closer look into it and offer a suggestion on how to help it while leaving a smaller footprint on the environment in the process.

Using Our Natural Resources

When disposable coffee cups are mass produced, we are looking at the loss of trees to compensate for the over fifty-eight billion estimated cups that are used in the United States alone per year. When these trees are cut down, we are essentially losing oxygen, and the entities that existed to help absorb carbon dioxide are quickly taken away.

Chemical Emission

When we begin to look more closely at the way these cups are manufactured and shipped, we can see how detrimental the process can be for the environment. When composing, these cups may actually emit methane, and during their production, an estimated 0.11 kilograms of CO2 is given off.

Energy Consumption

Next, we see an increase in energy consumption. From the cutting down of the trees to the manufacturing and transporting of these cups, we see a considerable increase in the emission of greenhouse gasses that effectively add to the environment’s already polluted state.

New Trends

However, there may be hope on the horizon. With the emergence of contemporary trends that boast of environmental friendliness, we may be able to begin to combat the potentially disastrous future our environment was heading.

Eco-friendly packaging is becoming more and more popular and with new technology constantly being developed we definitely see progress.

Multi-purpose packaging is packaging that can be utilized in more than one way. For example, perhaps the container the food or drink is placed in can double and provide a utensil to use to eat or drink the contents as well.

Developing more sustainable products will help the environment tenfold and leave a much smaller footprint. They may also benefit us in more ways than we would typically expect.


When it comes to convenience, we are all over it. Convenience and ease in a fast and constantly moving world is important and having a reusable coffee cup offers that convenience. Instead of stopping in the morning for coffee and spending both time and money to receive the coffee in a disposable and eventually damaging disposable cup, we can begin utilizing a reusable coffee cup and make the coffee at home.

Difference in Taste

A reusable coffee cup may also offer you the great advantage of better tasting coffee! It also better insulates the coffee which means it will stay warmer for longer than it might typically.

A Short Guide to Reusable Coffee Cups

Are you convinced that a reusable coffee cup is the best way to go moving forward? If so, you will find that reusable coffee cups may come in several different styles, shapes, colors, and sizes. When you choose a reusable coffee cup, you will probably want to find something that most resembles what you are used to- an actual coffee cup.

You will also find that reusable coffee cups are made from many varied materials including stainless steel, glass, food-grade silicone, and even cork. Yes, I said cork.

A cork reusable coffee mug, like the Corky Cup, provides strong cork isolation to keep the outside cool to the touch but also keeps the contents hot. The inner part of the cup is made from a high-quality ABS plastic, so it is strong and durable and will last you through many, many coffee breaks.

Reusable coffee cups are an easy and convenient solution that everyone can adopt. While the impact on the environment this type of cup makes is substantial, you will also find that it provides you with some freedom in your daily routine.

If you still find that you don’t want to miss out on your favorite coffee shop and that morning conversation with the barista, many coffee shops allow you to bring your reusable coffee cup into the shop, and they will fit it with your favorite coffee for you.

You get the best of both worlds- your favorite coffee and in a cup that will not harm the environment or leave a long-lasting negative impact.

Why Choose Cork?

Once again, a reusable coffee cup made from cork is a 100% natural and renewable material that is also recyclable and biodegradable. The cork is obtained through a very environmentally friendly harvesting process that doesn’t leave a big footprint on the environment.

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